Elevate Your Business Communications With WIT Comm

Unlock a new era of seamless communication with WitComm, your trusted partner in VoIP services. WitComm empowers businesses of all sizes to stay connected, collaborate efficiently, and elevate customer interactions like never before.

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What Is WIT Comm?

More Than a VoIP Service

WIT Comm is more than just a VoIP service; it’s a comprehensive communication solution designed to meet the unique needs of modern businesses.

Crystal-Clear Voice Quality

Experience crystal-clear voice calls with our state-of-the-art VoIP technology. Say goodbye to dropped calls and static interference; WitComm ensures every conversation is smooth and professional.

Scalable Solutions

Whether you’re a small start-up or a growing enterprise, WIT Comm offers scalable VoIP packages tailored to your needs. You can easily add new lines, extensions, and features as your business expands.

Empowering Your Communication with Features.

Our WIT Comm VOIP services are packed with features that enhance your communication experience.

  • Unlimited users: Connect your entire team without constraints.
  • Unlimited calls in North America: Say goodbye to call restrictions.
  • Hosted voice service: Enjoy a hassle-free communication platform.
  • Unlimited multi-level auto attendant: Streamline call routing.
  • Phone number: Establish a professional identity.
  • Virtual faxing: Online faxing is done digitally over the internet without the need for physical fax machines or phone lines.
  • Call log reports: Gain insights for optimization.
  • Call recording: Capture important conversations.
  • Conferencing: Collaborate seamlessly.
  • Voicemail: Never miss a message.

WIT Comm Advanced Addon

Introducing WIT Text, The Landline Texting Revolution!

We’re thrilled to introduce WIT Text, a ground-breaking feature that sets WIT Comm apart from the rest. WIT Text allows you to send and receive text messages using your business’s landline phone number. It’s a game-changer for businesses seeking convenient and efficient text-based interactions with clients and customers.

Business Phone Texting

Send and receive SMS messages using your business landline. Keep your professional image intact while engaging with customers via text.

External Text Messaging

WIT Text is your dedicated channel for external text messaging. It’s perfect for customer inquiries, appointment reminders, and more.

Continuous Threads

Ongoing conversations are neatly organized within a single thread, simplifying communication with external parties.

Elevate Your Communication Today.

Experience the future of business communication with WIT Comm and WIT Test. Elevate your customer interactions, streamline internal collaboration, and enjoy the benefits of a robust VoIP service that grows with your business.
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Josiah KimJosiah Kim
12:31 31 Mar 22
Our plant made the decision to switch over to WesternIT a few years back and I have never regretted it. Everyone I've worked with/come in contact with there was always courteous and very professional.Never had a bad experience with them. Highly dependable in an age where internet is a necessity in doing business.Always courteous, professional, and most importantly gets the job done.
Kit MooreKit Moore
17:21 08 Oct 20
Rob Gallant has been super helpful on multiple occasions. Overall, seems like a customer-centered organization.
Chuck ChrapkoChuck Chrapko
11:46 15 Mar 19
Western IT has provided exceptional telephone service to 3 of the companies I have operated over the past 15 years, with offices located on 3 continents for one of the companies. The phone system makes customers believe they are contacting one location. If any of the offices require updates to the service, such as holiday schedule the support staff at Western IT handle your request efficiently and on our timeline.Western IT also provides IT sales, setup and support for our network of computers, backup service and preventative maintenance.I am happy with their service and pricing.
Jane NJane N
16:58 21 Feb 19
We have used Western IT for our VOIP phones at my office for the past 5 years. They have amazing support - quick and courteous. Would definitely recommend them.
Jeffery LangJeffery Lang
17:52 19 Feb 19
We moved our IP service to Western IT several months ago.It has been a great experience.Customer and technical support is over the top.They act like a partner not a vendor.I would strongly recommend Western IT.
Arthur ChoiArthur Choi
20:14 14 Sep 18
Review of Western I.T. Services****Review from Operations Manager at KGK Science Inc. (Contract Research Organization for over 2 decades)The staff at Western I.T. are highly skilled, knowledgeable, very accommodating. I’ve had the pleasure of working on a regular basis with Scott Bruder, Anthony Wokral, Rob Gallant, and Tim Farmilo.Scott exudes professionalism—his communication skills are top notch and he works tenaciously towards finding the correct solutions to all our IT problems. He has an uncanny ability to see through issues quickly and resolve them without making you feel stupid.The one project where Scott stood out and exceeded my expectations was setting up our company’s secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). I initially had thought the setup of the secure File Transfer Protocol would be relatively straightforward, but I came across several issues. Scott worked relentlessly and pulled through helping us meet an impossible deadline. He did us a huge favor and we look forward to building our excellent relationship.Anthony’s been awesome as well. He’s very prompt at getting back to us whenever we make phone provision requests. He’s gone above and beyond in terms of customer service to provide his expertise on issues that are often outside of his purview.Rob Gallant is also remarkable. I feel very comfortable reaching out to him for IT solutions.Overall, Western I.T. is our “go to” option for all things I.T.