Cloud Phones

Cloud Phones
Keeping your business connected for less.

Our cloud phone services help you stay connected by allowing you to make calls over the internet rather than over a traditional phone system. Our easy-to-implement system has the flexibility to grow with your business, saving you money. This is why many businesses switch to our cloud phone systems.

Managed Cloud Phones

Our fully-managed cloud solution is perfect for any business. We manage administration, moves, adds, changes, and system upgrades.

Fully Managed

No need for expensive equipment. We connect you through our secure facility, allowing us to create a tailored solution to fit your needs and budget.

Upgrade With Ease

We help you handle everything, from administration to support and training. Making upgrading easy.

You Are In Control

Have greater control over your resources, providing you with reliability and security that a traditional system can't match.

Co-location Options

We help move your equipment off-site to our secure 99.9% up-time data center.

Up to 60% savings

We connect to your current Internet connection saving you up to 60% on your monthly subscription costs.

In-House Technical Services

Our trained technical staff can assist with network infrastructure, equipment customization, installation and training.

Connect like never before!

Microsoft Teams

Boost your communications by integrating your cloud phone services with Microsoft Teams application.

Connect your cloud phone system to Microsoft Teams to place and receive calls with anyone at any time, anywhere. This cost-effective solution gives you an enterprise-level voice solution with smart telephone features in a secure Microsoft environment, allowing you to have the widest range of app integrations to help support and grow your business.


Send and receive calls through Teams using multiple devices, making business communication easy and efficient.

Worry-Free Integration

You will be up and running in no time, With our quick and easy setup, you can get back to what you do best with little to no downtime. allowing


With direct routing, you can optimize your communication and improves access to information, reducing operating costs. Saving your business time and money.

Unified Management

Continue to receive access to all the great features of your current cloud phone system with the added bonus of Microsoft Teams features.

User friendly

Connect with your PC, Mac or mobile device for full convenience, allowing you to choose which devices you wish to accept incoming calls.

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