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Fall Promo

As we roll out our managed I.T. service packages, we are offering ONE MONTH FREE for signing a one year contract. Sign up for a two year contract and your set up fees will be waived on top of the free month.

Make the switch now! This limited time offer expires October 31st, 2022.



What packages does this include?

WIT Comm - Cloud phone services help you stay connected by allowing you to make calls over the internet rather than traditional phone system.

WIT Cloud - We will house your server in our data center where you are able to connect securely from your office knowing your data is backed up and protected. Contact us for more infomration on this highly customizable package.

WIT Protect - We help your business prepare for threats and security breaches so you can continue to function with as little distruption as possible.

WIT Support - Our technical support staff strives to provide reliable and convenient assitance with any technical issue or questions you may have.

WIT 365 - Benefit from all the above packages in one great offering!


For more infomraiton on all our managed I.T. packages or any other techncial needs give us a call! We're here to help.


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Tuesday, 13 September 2022