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Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365

When it comes to software for your company, Microsoft 365 is often the standard go to. Google has had their version of collaborative tools and software for years, first as Google Apps, later as G Suite and now as Google Workspace. It’s important in business to make sure you have the best options for your company, so we thought we would compare the two so you can see why we choose to work with Microsoft 365. Though you do need to consider your overall business needs, we find most of our clients prefer Microsoft 365 because it’s business to business compatible and best suits their needs.

Similarities between Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

There are a lot of similarities between these cloud computing apps. They both have word creation (Docs vs Word), data entry (Sheets vs Excel), emails (Gmail vs Outlook) and managing calendars for your team. Both encourage team collaboration and have cloud storage that can allow your employees to connect and share document within the company.


Differences between Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

There are a number of differences, but here are a few that stand out:


- Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point – the majority of apps in M365 are industry standard. Though you can read the documents without the 365 applications, editing and adjusting them can be difficult. 

- Apps are compatible with desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

- MS365 allows larger cloud storage than its competitors.

- Apps can be installed on your desktop as well as cloud based. You do not need the internet to use the apps, but can also access your work from anywhere through the online versions in the cloud.

 - Much easier to edit files (which is why it’s the dominant option for many businesses).

- Video conferencing with Teams can allow up to thousands of participants, which is helpful for larger companies with global partners. 

- Free trial is one month! 


Google Workspace

- As this is an online platform, it is a little more collaborative that its counterparts. Multiple people can go into the documents and edit at the same time. 

-You can edit Microsoft documents in Workspace, but formatting can be a problem. You cannot edit Workspace documents in Microsoft apps.

- Documents do auto save to the cloud (although there isn’t as much space) so you don’t have to worry about saving it. 

-Google’s free trial is 14 days.

Microsoft 365 has been the go to for millions of users for years now. Many of the companies you will work with use these program, so being able to properly open and edit documents is a key factor. This on top of the additional space, interconnection with other apps and user ease is why people choose MS365, and why we suggest it to all of our customers.


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Tuesday, 30 August 2022