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Western I.T. Group provides remote and on-site** setup, administration and maintenance services for both Windows and POSIX (UNIX/LINUX) based servers.

The perfect solution for corporations not looking to hire an in-house administrator. Typical services include network topology design, structured cabling, WAN/Internet connections, LDAP/NIS/Active Directory, workstations, printers, email/web/file servers and just about anything else. How would you like to leverage the power of your network?

Western IT Server Services

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Virtual Servers

Western IT Group’s Virtual Servers, based on industry leading virtualization technology, allow you to:

  • Efficiently deploy, control and scale server resources.
  • Eliminate downtime of critical applications.
  • Reduce the life cycle costs associated with maintaining onsite I.T. assets.

The Western IT Group datacenter provides co-location services with state-of-the-art cooling and uninterrupted power at our secure facility. Our direct fiber-optic facility is guaranteed to deliver superior speed for your hosting service needs. Never lose connection to your critical applications again.


  • High Availability Minimize downtime (planned and unplanned) and eliminate standby hardware and software.
  • On-demand-Deployment Deploy a virtual server rapidly and save the cost of a new server. Scale according to demand.
  • Flexibility Simple management, rapid configuration and improved deployment time frame.
  • Infrastructure Industry leading server and networking technology.
  • Disaster Recovery High levels of availability and redundancy for mission critical applications.