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I.T. is a moving target

Our team of experts are here as an extension of your team, providing professional support in a variety of ways to help keep your business moving forward. Whether its system support and maintenance, or fast tracking a more complicated project, leverage our team’s experience to ensure the highest quality of work.

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Business Continuity planning is the process of planning a system of prevention and recovery that protects a company from potential threats. The plan ensures that personnel and assets are protected and are able to recover quickly in the event of a disaster.

The impacts of the current health crisis on our partners is apparent. Western IT is committed to minimizing these impacts and supporting our partners by offering no charge Business Continuity assessments and installations. We simply assess your existing Business Continuity plan, discuss solutions for Voice Over IP (VOIP) and Remote Access for staff and administration and install required hardware and software.

In the upcoming weeks, our team will be working with our partners to execute these measures. We would like to offer you an assessment of your existing Business Continuity plan at no cost.

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Looking for professional I.T. advice or engineering services? Western I.T. Group can provide technology planning, professional software design documents, requirements analysis and other consulting services.


Western I.T. Group will come to your home or office for installations, upgrades and maintenance. Whether it's Windows, Linux, Unix or anything else, you can count on us for immediate response. We also offer custom built computer systems. Contact a representative today to inquire about our reduced cost service contracts.

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Western I.T. Group provides remote and on-site** setup, administration and maintenance services for both Windows and POSIX (UNIX/LINUX) based servers.

The perfect solution for corporations not looking to hire an in-house administrator. Typical services include network topology design, structured cabling, WAN/Internet connections, LDAP/NIS/Active Directory, workstations, printers, email/web/file servers and just about anything else. How would you like to leverage the power of your network?

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