Cloud Phone


Cloud Conversion

Save 70%

The Cloud Phone Conversion converts the existing old phone system to 'cloud'.


Managed Cloud

Save 50%

The Managed Cloud system is a fully managed solution for businesses from 2-50 phone extensions.


Private Cloud

Save 60%

The Private Cloud system is a fully managed solution for businesses with 50+ phone extensions.

Cloud Phone conversion transforms the existing old phone system to 'cloud'. This means we route telephone calls securely over the Internet to London Business Phone’s communication system, to help you save even more.

Keep your current phone number

To help you run things smoothly, you'll never have to switch your current telephone number.

Eliminate long distance charges

With a conversion solution, you can call locally anywhere in Canada and continental USA.

Virtually instantaneous switch-over

You can be ready to go for your customers within minutes.

Works with all manufacturers systems

We can integrate with any phone system out there. We got you covered.

Great savings on your current subscription

Even if you are satisfied with the functionality of your existing phone system, you can still save up to 70% on your current phone bill.

Latest network infrastructure upgrade - bonus

We can help asses your current telephone system and figure out if you require new lines to be installed.

The Managed Cloud system is a cost-effective, scalable, fully managed solution for businesses from 2-50 phone extensions. We help manage: administration, moves, adds, changes, and system upgrades.

Fully Managed Solution

Managed Cloud is connected through our secure facility. You won't have to worry about expensive telecommunications equipment. Choose appliances to suit your needs and budget.

Your high speed Internet helps you save

Your Internet connection will help you safely and securely transmit all of your telecommunication traffic, saving you much on your monthly subscription costs.

All functionality and calling features at no extra charge

Call us for changes to hundreds of features. We complete them the same business day, at no additional cost.

Increased number of concurrent phone calls

You can easily increase and maintain the number of concurrent phone calls. This helps you manage more for less, under one system.

Remote support eliminates on-site service calls

Should you require any assistance setting up or maintaining any features, our remote support software can assist with any requests.

Fully portable to Private Cloud

With Managed Cloud, you can easily convert to your very own private cloud, to help your expanding business.

The Private Cloud system is recommended for businesses with more than 50 extensions. Much like the Managed Cloud, except this solution is ideal for larger single site or multi-site business.

From Small Office to Multinational Business

As you grow, your phone system can grow with minimal expense. We can help you handle everything with ease, from administration to support and training.

Upgrade Easily

Upgrading your phone system becomes much more affordable. Long gone are the days of costly phone system upgrades and maintenance.

Your Private Cloud

With a Private Cloud System, you have greater control over your resources. This provides reliability and security that a traditional system can't match.

Co-location Options

Co-location means that we can help you move your equipment off-site to our secure 99.9% uptime data center.

In-House Technical Services

Our engineering staff can assist with data and network infrastructure, cabling, equipment customization, services management, installation, product and systems training.

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Polycom Desktop Phones

Polycom Desktop Phones are exceptional quality business phones. They improve your efficiency and your bottom line; have industry's best audio quality, and features that improve productivity.

Wireless Phones

Wireless communication products by Spectralink, Yealink, and Panasonic, provide professionals all the necessary applications to perform their best. We have the brands that meet all your needs.

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