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Custom Web Applications

We build responsive, clean, friendly, well researched and implemented web applications.

Custom Web Application - Detailed and Precise.

We build from the ground up, every application is detailed and precise. Everything is performance loaded and stress tested. Whatever you need, we can do it.

We handle any development requirements.

We can handle any development requirement because we are not limited by any existing technologies. Our customers find that we are a very cost effective solution for their application's needs.

Maximum Browser Support

We make sure your web applications have maximum support on the most modern web browsers. Whether it is Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari, we will match your products to your market.

Design that is made for your customers.

We design for your customers, and their experiences are crucial to your web application's success. Our satisfaction comes from your customers satisfaction.

HTML5 Standard and then HTML6 and many more.
CSS3 - LESS, and beyond.

Java Script, JQuery, anything js oriented.

Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2013, 2015, and Web Essentials.
C# - for all programming and development of software.

PHP Scripting Language.

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Western I.T. Group is a Microsoft Hosting Partner
Western I.T. Group is a Microsoft Hosting Partner

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