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Why Cloud Backup ?

The truth is, without your data, there is no business. That’s why it’s so important to have a modern and dependable system to protect your valuable business data.

And at $0.50 cents per GB data backup to the cloud, your choice is even easier.

Custom Web Application - Detailed and Precise.

Maintaining your equipment.

Lower Equipment Cost.Cloud Backup Solution takes advantage of your existing infrastructure, so you don’t need to purchase or install additional expensive equipment. We can integrate with virtually any environment.

Reduce Operating Costs.

Reduce Operating Costs The backup process is 100% automated once an initial selection process has been completed. Our set it and forget it method saves you the hassle of having to manually backup your data.

Improved reliability and speed of data recovery.

Improved Reliability Our backup solution rapidly and reliably recovers access to your data regardless of your location, including individual files.

File Transfer with Greater Security.

File Transfer Security Our backup process automatically encrypts files and they remain encrypted until they reach their secure destination.

Smart Use of I.T. Resources.

Smart I.T. Resources Western I.T. Group can help you manage your backup, recovery, and restore solution while you focus your resources to building your business.

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Western I.T. Group is a Microsoft Hosting Partner
Western I.T. Group is a Microsoft Hosting Partner

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