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What is a Softphone?

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A softphone is an application installed on a computer (or smart phone) that behaves like a virtual phone. A telephone image or representation on the screen allows the user to make and receive calls by using the GUI (graphic user interface). Soft-phone applications are created, marketed and sold by independent 3rd party developers, many are directly linked to VoIP service providers as a product.

There are many soft-phone applications on the market, optimized for laptops and mobile phones and are specific to the device’s (appliance) operating system. Similar to the computer operating system, smart phones are built on an (Android, RIM, Apple, Windows, etc.) operating system and are subject to frequent updates. Each application requires verification on every version of mobile phone.

London Business Phone service is capable of provisioning most generic production soft-phone applications as extensions or clients on our service. We cannot guarantee full interoperability with the soft-phone applications, and cannot resolve technical problems on the 3rd party application. We appreciate feedback from our clients on their experiences with various soft-phones, to share with our client base.

The best way of assessing suitability of soft-phones is to check out the on-line forums where users comment on their experiences with various products.

London Business Phone recommends CounterPath's Bria 4 soft-phone application for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone and Android. For more information or to purchase Bria 4, visit the CounterPath Store.

CounterPath - Bria 4

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