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How do I get started converting my business service to internet telephony?

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Assuming you have existing service contract with an established telephone service provider, we need to review your latest phone bill and terms of contract to understand the impact to changing service. Western IT Group will conduct a business communications needs assessment to understand your business operations and processes. We then recommend a solution for you with an estimate of the potential cost savings. There is usually no charge for this service.

Depending on your business needs we can recommend 3 options;

1. Legacy PBX Conversion – The simplest solution for smaller businesses, typically less than 30 extensions. We connect your analog trunks to a conversion unit and run your existing system over IP trunks for significant connection fee savings. There would be no changes to the functionality of your existing telephones.

2. If your existing phone system (PBX) is ready for a change-out we can replace the unit on your premises with a completely new IP-PBX, new IP telephone sets and IP trunks. The equipment is purchased by the customer and physically installed on the customer premises. It can be administered by the customer or optionally by Western IT Group.

3. For customers that do not want to purchase the capital equipment, we can offer a hosted PBX on our site. The benefits of this option are:

a. reduce capital expense - purchase only the IP telephone sets or adapters,

b. minimal technical expertise on site required for maintenance, service,

c. minimal facilities real estate required ,

d. reliable service in a secure data center with backup power,

e. cost effective and scaleable at all line sizes,

f. full administration included in subscription fees.

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Western I.T. Group is a Microsoft Hosting Partner
Western I.T. Group is a Microsoft Hosting Partner

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