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What is IP Telephony?

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The telecommunications world has changed. The world wide web has matured to become the media of choice for voice and data transport. The concept of long distance calling is now a memory with VoIP. Establishing a voice call is virtually the same process as using your computer browser. Voice calls initiated through the internet can terminate on appliances on the PSTN, wireless network or other Internet devices and soft-phones. Even the on-line gamers use the technology with Play-stations to play games across the network.

With unified communications you can link all of your communications services and appliances over a common medium, anytime or anywhere; security systems, desk phones, mobile phones, laptops or any other IP device. Receive and listen to voice mails from your email. Twin your desk-phone with your cell-phone to achieve true mobility with find-me / follow-me capability. Seamlessly transfer between desk-phone and cell-phone with presence indication. Road warriors need only their cell phone to access all of their communications services using smart phones and a soft-phone client.

Western IT Group delivers VoIP solutions that challenge the incumbent telephone service providers without the huge operating expenses, infrastructure overheads and legacy systems support. Delivering Internet Telephony service does not require huge investments in brick and mortar, (central office exchange) to provide telephone services. With a voice network gateway, home office, mobile office, and multi-site enterprise can all be serviced from a single internet telephony server, regardless of physical location with access to the internet. This capability provides huge cost reductions in multi-site deployments, with a single point of operations, administration, maintenance, service and support.

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Western I.T. Group is a Microsoft Hosting Partner
Western I.T. Group is a Microsoft Hosting Partner

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